Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips to Help You Become a Successful Freelance Writer

BrainTrack® – The Web's Most Complete Directory for University and College Search - lists more than 10,000 higher education institutions in 194 countries and is continually updated with new resources for education and careers.  Brian Jenkins, a member of the writing staff, has been contributing content on topics related to college and careers since 2008.  Today he shares some useful info for those of you who would like to get paid for freelance writing.

Are you an aspiring writer? You can increase your chances of being successful by tailoring your writing to meet the demands of potential employers. Good writers can use their talents to make money without having to sell books or write for newspapers or magazines. Writing opportunities exist all over the Web, and Internet companies are always looking for freelance writers for copywriting, business writing, press releases, technical writing, writing web content, blogging for commercial websites, and ghostwriting

Instead of waiting for potential clients to show up at your fabulous website and offer you some work, it's best you seek them out. You need to make your presence known with potential clients and other freelance writers

Let's take a look at some things you can do to become a successful freelance writer:

Beginning writers can build their portfolio by finding customers at popular freelance writing websites. Even if the writing fee is low (which is often the case), when writers bid on your articles, you'll have an opportunity to build a portfolio to impress higher paying clients

Join professional networks such as  Freelancers Union and LinkedIn at no cost. These resources provide networking opportunities, which in turn can provide job leads. Some of your fellow freelancers may have job leads that are not good fits for them but are for you

Write a few informative articles for Ezine and other similar websites. You don't get paid, but you get credible exposure. Write articles in your specialty areas. Add a link back to your website to increase traffic

Place an advertisement for freelance writing services at online classifieds such as Craigslist

Submit articles to local online newspapers and magazines. You won't get paid much, if anything, but you'll get noticed as a local writer, and this can lead to other assignments

Send a query letter via email to online writing services. Make the pitch short and catchy. Show off your writing skills. Don't be boring or modest and include some samples of your best work. You may want to copy and paste them into the email since some businesses are concerned about attachments carrying viruses

Maintain a blog. Most web hosting sites allow you to maintain a blog for free. You can also get free accounts at  WordPress, Blogger, and others. Include a link back to your website and other sites where your articles are published. Write about topics related to your writing business. Offer free tips. You may attract clients who are impressed with your writing skills

Use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to make contact with other writers and to announce new promotions or articles

Join a writers community. It's another venue for networking opportunities

Marketing your writing skills and finding networking opportunities is vital to the success of any freelance writer. Keep these tips in mind if you want to get more exposure and more assignments

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