Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Misconceptions of a Writer

This Guest post is by Christine Kane, a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects including internet service for different blogs.  She has some comments about how others see writers that I thought were worth sharing.

I started off studying biomedical science in college. I thought I wanted to be a doctor. Then I realized you have to study a lot and you have to be okay around blood. That is when I stumbled into Journalism. I found myself extremely excited and interested in the courses that I took which is strange because I never considered myself a good writer or even a writer. 
Well many years have passed and post grad I have dabbled in public relations, copy writing and now just being strictly a writer. When people ask me what my occupation is, I always answer with ‘writer’ and an eye roll. I know as soon as I say this, the person will respond in disbelief and wants to know what exactly that means.
Being a female and 28 years old and telling people I am a writer tends to get a few ‘no ways’ and some chuckles. No I am not trying to be trendy and in touch with my emotional side and hug trees. I get paid to write. I work for a company that needs a writer for their blogs. It’s simple and easy. I love blogs and the blogs love me.
Being a younger writer I am not sure why it puzzles people that this is my actual occupation. When I first told my family about my occupation choice they followed up with, ‘okay then what?’ as if I just had told them I wanted to be an award winning movie star. Do I need a then what? I don’t think so. Until I run out of words I am sticking with this writing gig.
Other stigmas that comes with the occupation term ‘writer’ is the misconception that I am lazy and hang out at coffee houses all day or that I famous and my work will be turned into a movie starring Cameron Diaz. False.And False. Oh and the best, ‘have you written a book?’ and the ‘can I be in it?’
Not quite sure why being a writer is such an interesting occupation that conjures so many different ideas and thoughts. When someone tells me they are banker, florist or they sell insurance, I believe them and understand their job duties. I know that they are a banker, florist and they sell insurance.
I am sure that you have seen these job meme’s floating around the webs. I decide to update it to reflect my personal writer life:
As far as I am concerned I am a writer and yes I am writing a book. Are you in it? Maybe, maybe not. Will I be famous, probably not?I love writing because it’s my chance to say what others don’t know how to say or won’t say. Whether I am writing for fun or for a paycheck each word is a chance to story tell. A quote that I live by: “I think you must remember that a writer is a simple-minded person to begin with and go on that basis. He's not a great mind, he's not a great thinker, he's not a great philosopher, he's a story-teller."--Erskine Caldwell.
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